Coterie Home is the life work of interior designer, Jenny Tamplin.  She has incorporated her philosophy of creating homes filled with heart and passion for families to connect and thrive, into this one-of-a-kind home fashion experience.

Not only has the Coterie team thoughtfully curated art, decor and furnishings within, but we also go to great lengths to maintain a team of caring and knowledgeable designers and sales staff to provide a seamless and exciting experience for each of our clients.

Often, clients are in the market to improve the interior of their homes, but are stuck and feeling overwhelmed. We are here to get you “un-stuck” and to help you work through the design process.  Each client has unique needs and tastes. Whether you only need a sounding board in selecting the perfect missing piece for your space or you’re seeking full-service interior design, we are here for you!

Here are just a few ways in which we could help you:

  • Paint Colors
  • Wallpaper
  • Rug Size and Style
  • Artwork Coordination and Scale
  • Window Treatments
  • Lighting
  • Upholstery 
  • Custom pieces
  • Floor Plans
  • Shelf Styling
  • Consulting
  • Full Service Design

  • While we do provide an online experience, the true experience is within our brick and mortar store in College Station, Texas!  It is our number one desire to connect personally with you and cultivate lasting friendships while we provide a design experience you won’t forget!